July 30, 2013

Sidebar Love {July}

I love the girlies on my sidebar & I want you to love them too! So take the time to check them out! 

As most of you guys know, I'm moving to Indy in less than a month.  I've always lived in Alabama and I'm making this crazy move to Indiana August 16th. And if you wanna make an appearance on my sidebar, make sure you check out my options on my Advertise page!

So I asked the lovelies on my sidebar:
1. What state do you currently live in & what's your favorite thing about it?
2.  What  state were  you  born in? Have you lived in any other states? Which was your favorite state?
3.  What advice would you give to someone who was moving?  

and here are their answers! Now go meet them!! 

1. Oklahoma and country livin' in the south. ;)

2.  Born and raised an okie and I doubt if I will ever leave. If so, I wouldn't mind living in the Carolina's or Alabama.

3.  Pack each room separately and label your boxes. I'm sure everyone already does this but the first time I moved from my college apartment to zack and I's house after we got married it took me weeks to sort everything out. Also, unpack one room at a time to it isn't as overwhelming. :)

1. I live in Minnesota. My favorite thing is definitely NOT the winters! Although, I do love that we get to experience all 4 seasons - a beautiful fall & spring, freezing cold winters, and hot & humid summers.

2. I was born & raised (and still live) in Minnesota! I lived in Iowa for 9 months of the year from 2007 to 2011 for college & although Decorah is a fun little town, I much prefer Minnesota.
3.  Pack similar stuff together! In packing for college 4 different years, it was always easier to put stuff away if I had related things packed together!

1. I live in Maryland, I love how close we are to a ton of major cities. I am from the midwest which is so much more spread out. I love being able to check out a new city every weekend and only drive a few hours to get there.

2.  I was born in Michigan. It is the only other state I have lived in and I miss it a lot some days. My favorite state so far would have to be PA because Philly is my favorite city, but I haven't been everywhere yet so that may change!

3. It is expensive!!!!!!!!! There are so many little things you forget about that really add up. Have a going away party and you will get about a zillion dollars in gift cards. That will help! Plus parties are fun. 

 1. I currently live in San Diego, California.  It is awesome here, always sunny, always in the 70's.  We don't get snow, rain, sleet or extreme heat.  

2.  I was born in San Diego, we moved a lot during my childhood through Southern California and I went to college in Arizona.

3. Be organized!  Purge before you pack, pack a room at a time and label your boxes so you know exactly what is in them. 
Brooke Lyn @ Babbling Brookelyn
1. Currently live in Portland, Oregon and my favorite thing about it is the people (and the beer).  They aren't lying when they say 'Keep Portland Weird'. Makes for fantastic people watching. 

2. Was born in Oregon, but have also lived in Alaska and Southern California.  Southern California was pretty awesome, just because it's Cali. No rain in the winter was a brand new concept for me.  Alaska is beautiful though and the exact opposite of Cali, had to legitimately keep my eye out for bears in Alaska. 

3. My advice when moving: Label your boxes and know where you kept the Toilet Paper!!!

1. I live in Michigan; my favorite thing is the lakes and the seclusion they offer us from natural disasters.  We don't have all the stuff you see in other places: massive mud slides, earthquakes, massive spreading wildfires, crazy tornadoes - (MI does get a few tornadoes, but it's very rare and the ones we do get are generally mild (as far as a tornado can be mild), and they are mostly in the southern part of the state.  I'm up north).  Also, being up north more has given us freedom from things found in the dessert or heavy swamp lands - like alligators and other weird giant bugs found in the south.  Sorry, south.  Nothing personal.  There's very big bugs there.

2. I was born here in Northern MI and I've lived here all my life.  I've vacationed in other states, but I've always lived here.  It's home.

3. Advice for someone who was moving: Fall in love with take-out for a while.  You do not want to be cooking while trying to pack or unpack a house.
Chelsea @ Crazy Bullies
1. I live in North Carolina and I love the country feel about where I live.

2. I was born in NC, have in Florida, Alaska, and Washington as well. Alaska and Washington are tied!

3. Don't procrastinate on packing! Choose a state with 4 seasons! 

1. We live in Texas (Houston) now, and my favorite thing about it is the people who are and have been so friendly and welcoming to us!  Also, I love being in driving distance to other fun cities in Texas and throughout the south in general!

2.  Man these questions were made for me! I was born in Wisconsin, and I lived in Chicago as a proud resident of Illinois throughout college and grad school for a total of 7 years about there.
 I love both places equally for different reasons-family and friends in Wisconsin, and lots of college/grad school memories and friends in Chicago.  I probably miss Chicago a little more, it's "that place" for me where I feel like I leave a little piece of my heart no matter where I live.

3.  Haha, practically speaking-hire movers!  Saves on a lot of stress and anxieties (I should know, 8 moves in the last 8 years).  But going outside of the box, after having moved to new places and taking big leaps of faith with some of them (I hope I like going to college in a huge city/Let's move across the country away from our families!!), just go for it!

Aren't they awesome?!  So glad I got all this moving advice as well!! Thanks girls for participating!!

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