July 29, 2013


To sum up my weekend in one word: Smorgasbord.WTF does that even mean? A bunch of different shit, mmk?

I finished packing up some stuff to enter into a multi-family yard sale.  I find yard sales interesting. You sell your things ridiculously cheap that you don't even want.  I also call it COUCH MONEY.  I'm selling the items I don't want or need before I move in order to buy a new couch.  

if this is the stuff I don't want... can't imagine how much I still have left to pack...

all my purses sold!

I also went to work.  But that was no fun.  But this is my last Monday at my job.  5 more days!! 

I tortured Bobby by making him go to antique shops.  I'm on the hunt for a cheap affordable entry wall table. No avail.  

I wore my cute new headband from Cents of Style, but from some reason, I felt like Rosie the Riveter. 

The local double A baseball team was having a 5 game home stretch against Bobby's favorite double A team.  He always has to be difficult and cheer for the wrong team. Saturday the Nashville Predators caravan was there and they had a special where if you wore your Preds gear, you got in the game for free. So we did. 

Don't you love food you can get at sporting events?!

can you guess which hotdog is mine and which one is his?
I have to have one of these at every sporting event #fatgirlproblems

We also love the seats we get at the game, right along the first baseline.  We get to people watch the players in the dugout

We also got to witness this

we totally hated this guy most of the game because he was one of "those" spectators and got up every.single.inning. Maybe he was nervous? We could see his hands shaking holding the microphone! He also got booed when he mentioned he was an Ohio State fan, poor guy. #rolltide

We hung out with the family to celebrate my brother's birthday. Then I tortured Bobby some more and made him go to Furniture Row -  There is $80 in the Couch Fund from the yard sale! Score!

He thinks we will get a couch that has cup holders.  Not even.
I took Bobby to an Old Time Pottery.  He loved it. *insert sarcam*  

We also ate some Thai food for dinner.  His first and my second time.  The jury is still out on whether we will eat it again.  I spared you pictures of the food, you're welcome.  

We came home to hang out and I passed the eff out.  I feel like I will be recovering from the lack of sleep and constant on-the-go from the weekend for a few days. 
Smorgasbord, amiright!?

What did you do this weekend?

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