July 31, 2013

WTF Wednesdays: Coming soon!

Do you ever listen to someone and think, "WTF?!"
Have you ever seen something and wondered, "WTF?!"
Do you ever have a crazy day that can only be summed up with a WTF?! 

Then you can thank me and Kelly from Petite Ramblings for making the perfect link-up for you!

WTF?! Wednesday starts next Wednesday!

And duh, there has to be some rules... but they are super easy!

1. Follow Bad Luck Jenn & Petite Ramblings 
we're you're hosts & we're fabulous!
2. Follow the co-host
there will only be one per week!
3. Link back us in your post
feel free to post our lovely button on your page too!!
4. Write about any kind of WTF moment you want!

Super easy, right?! 

Go ahead and write that post and schedule it for next Wednesday! And if you're interested in becoming a co-host, email me at BADLUCKJENN@GMAIL.COM

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