August 5, 2013

My weekend... picture style!

Linking up with Sami to tell you dahlings my weekend in pictures.  Because I'm lazy and have alot of shit to do this week and don't have time to write you guys out a nice pretty post.

Friday - I started my stretch of unemployment. My employees got me some cake and I packed up my desk in a little box.  My whole life is being packed up in boxes which is sorta depressing.

Saturday - I went to visit some old work friends to see them before moving.  We had a little girls night.  Chillaxin' on the back porch and just talking about boys, shoes, and a little bit of everything. 

Sunday - I did alot of laundry (who wants to see a picture of that?!) and got my things in order for the rest of the week.  I also got to watch some of this: 

Don't you love watching puppies make their beds?!

On the agenda for this week:
Monday - new tires & driving to Indianapolis
Tuesday - drug test and paperwork for my new "job"
Wednesday - road trip to Atlanta for my sister's birthday
Thursday - nothing yet, but pretty sure I will be EXHAUSTED! 

Also for this week is this awesome giveaway I'm hosting.  And if you're reading this, you should be following me anyway.  So get entered, yo!  And prepare your post for mine & Kelly's new link-up on Wednesday!! 

WTF?! Wednesday

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