August 1, 2013

There may be a giveaway in this post

I got this fabulous idea to help bring in my big 3-0 this year from Simply Cindy when she did her 30 Days of Truth.  So I want to complete 30 Days of Truth leading up to my 30th birthday which is on October 10th. What can I say, I'm a procrastinator so I thought I would get a head start!  I will be posting them here along with any birthday posts. I mean, 30 is the new 20, amiright?!

28th birthday dinner with friends

So I'm going to ask you to help me.  I want you to submit your best thought-provoking, in-depth, possibly controversial questions.  Anything you want to know my thoughts and feelings on. Anything you just want to know about me. No holds bar!

29th birthday painting with friends

But of course, what's a favor without something in return? What? You can't do something out of the kindness of your heart? Pssh... as if If you submit a question, then you can enter the giveaway below!! How friggin' easy is that?! That means ANYONE that can think of a good question can enter this sweet giveaway! (that means you non-blogger friends!)

So now you are wanting to know what the prizes right?  Geez you're needy.  Well, there will actually be 3 WINNERS!! Am I awesome or what?!

All of these prizes are awesome things that I would want for my birthday, so I thought I would share them with you!!

Winner #1 will get some loot from Love21. When I visited Indy, I discovered a Love21 store. It is Forever 21's accessory department and it is cheeeeeeap. I got silver hoops for $1.80!!  So $10 will go a long way!!!

Winner #2 will get $10 worth of my favorite things, which may or may not include:

And winner #3 gets a gift card to one of my favorite places on the interweb. You can buy ANYTHING on Amazon. I use the PriceChecker app in public all the time.  If I think I can buy it cheaper on Amazon, I won't pay full price for it in the store!

So hopefully you will enjoy the chance to win some of my favorite things & will help me out by submitting a no-holds bar question for my 30 Days of Truth! JUST DO IT ALREADY.

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