September 17, 2013

Dirty Truth: Day 2

I got such a great response from day one's post!  I hope you continue to like my questions (and answers!) And maybe it will spark some of you to tell the Dirty Truth on your blog too!  

Today's question:

A lot of things make me happy, so I will try to limit it to some of the top 5 things off the top of my head that always bring a smile to my face or just make my day. 

1.  this boy.

don't mind his face.
Cheesy, I know.  But I love him.  We are a perfect fit for each other and understand each other so well.  We can both be in a room, look at each other, and be thinking the same thing!  I love it. That doesn't mean that we don't fight, because we do!  But I think it's because our relationship is full of so much passion.  And you can't fake passion.  And how he holds me, cares for me, and loves me makes me unbelievably happy. Okay, I will stop making you vomit in your mouth. 

2. sunrises and sunsets. 

one of the prettiest ones I have seen in person
I try not to be awake for sunrises, but it doesn't matter which one I catch, I love them all.  They take my breath away and make me pull over on the side of the road when I'm driving to watch them.  I love all the colors and how they fade into the base of the earth and into the top of the sky.  And they are even better along the water!

3.  my babies. 

Duke - Bama - Crimson
They drive me crazy most days, but they also make me smile most days too.  Anyone who truly knows me knows that my dogs are my children.  Their pictures are blasted all over Instagram, are framed in my house, and grace my Christmas cards.  They have given me a reason to wake up when I've been at my lowest points in life (and many reasons to scream and count to 10!), and I would not trade them for anything in the world. 

4. sweets.

All kinds.  I am an equal opportunity dessert eater.  I mean, it wasn't even hard to make that collage pictured above and Bobby can attest to that!  Every meal has to be followed by something sweet, my pantry is full of little debbies and sweet snacks, and after a dinner out I always want ice cream or cake.  Hey, you intake your calories with your wine and beer - I can have mine in the form of icing!  

5.  best friends. 

Heather & me
Tamra & me
There aren't many friends that I can call "best" friends.  As I'm approaching my 30th birthday, my pool of friends has definitely narrowed down for one reason or another.  I would group most people I know or hang out with as merely a "friend" or "acquaintance".  But these ladies pictured above are definitely SOME of my best friends.  They are self-less, kind, generous, and I would do absolutely anything for them!  

What makes you happy??

My 30th birthday is October 10th!  I have started a series called Dirty Truth for my Dirty Thirty: 30 Days of Truth.  I will be answering real, sometimes controversial questions around my 30th birthday!  Keep up with all of the questions and find out what's next here

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