September 14, 2013

Easy Pizza Roll-ups

If you take a look at my food. Pinterest board, you will notice they all have something in common.  They are super easy!!  And I want to share with you today one of those recipes that I love to make all.the.time. because it's so quick & easy! 

Original Pin: HERE

How I make these vary some from the original pin, but that's what's so freakin' fantastic about these - you can change them up all the time!  There are so many variations you can make!

1 can of refrigerated crescent roll dough
Shredded/String Mozzarella Cheese

Suggested: Italian seasoning & Parmesan cheese

1. Unroll each triangle of crescent roll dough onto greased cookie sheet.

2. Place as many (or little) pepperonis along large base of triangle as wanted.

3. Add cheese.

I've added Italian seasonings to these! Yum!

4. Roll up the crescent roll.

5. Close in sides to keep cheese in 

Close that little flap by getting dough to stick to main body of roll 

6. Cook into oven at 350 degrees until golden brown.


Imagine what you could do with these! Don't like pepperoni?  Try canadian bacon, ham, or bacon.  Use cheddar instead of mozzarella (or both!).  Love veggies on your pizza?  Throw some spinach, mushrooms, onions, or peppers into these little guys!  Looking for a healthy version?  Then you're definitely on the wrong blog! But I'm sure you can figure out something!

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