September 16, 2013

I've Been Here a Month?

I just survived my first physiology exam. shudder.  I think I passed. No wait, we are going with positive thoughts, right?  I rocked that bitch! (ha!) On the way to class this morning, I realized I have been in Indy for a whole month now!  Where has the time gone?! 

I have been so overwhelmed with my new life.  I've had to swap my entire sleep schedule from being a vampire for 5 years from working nights to waking up at 4am.  My body actually woke up at 8am on Saturday!  I was like, what the hell is wrong with you?!  But it allowed me study protein receptors watch Magic Mike with Channing Tatum's sexy abs. 
I'm finally getting unpacked and being able to find things!  Like my can opener!  If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know that last week I wanted chicken salad.  But then I couldn't find my can opener.  Damn moving.  I even said eff it I will buy a new one and stopped by the nearest grocery store which happened to be a Fresh Market... but they didn't have one. Jerks.  But I found my can opener this weekend when I found 2 more unpacked boxes in my kitchen pantry!  Who put those there?  I see chicken salad in my future.

Ta-da!  Can opener has been here all along!
My body is seriously HATING me.  The added stress of moving and school plus the change in my sleep pattern has everything more effed up than it already is.  Then let's add that I am walking around campus all the time since there is no parking anywhere close, always going up and down stairs, and walking my dogs 4-5 times a day (is that enough? how much do you walk your dogs?)  My legs burn everyday and my hips hurt so badly I can't even touch them and when I lay down I almost want to cry. I'm hoping to get on a better routine with work, school, and doing things around the house so that I can find time for yoga - it really makes a huge difference in joint and muscle pain.

I'm also in a city where I don't know anyone besides my classmates.  But luckily this weekend we all got together this weekend and ate a late lunch at a place called Bru Burger.  It is actually listed as one of the top 25 places to eat in Indy.  They have gourmet burgers and I got a bourbon burger with a bourbon glaze, some fancy horseradish cheese, and bacon.  They also make their own house ketchup, but its really sweet.

leftover Bru Burger & leftover pizza.  Good study food.  Don't judge me.
I don't get out very often, but besides last weekend when Bobby came to visit, there are a few other places in Indy that I've gone to that I've loved!

When me & B walked into Kilroys in Broad Ripple for dinner one night, we thought we were just walking into a college bar.  But lucky for us, they had amazing food too!  But this place is definitely geared towards the drinking crowd.  They have a huge chalkboard of shots with their ingredients (what girl doesn't love to know what kind of shots she can get?!) and they are known for their 32 oz flavored long islands.  This is also where Melissa, Kay, and Heather have decided to go one our blate!  I can't wait to go on my first blate AND meet these fabulous girls!!

list of shots!
And of course I want dessert after dinner. Brics - Broad Ripple Ice Cream Station is really close to my new place and it has the word ice cream in the title.  So le duh, you know I'm going to love it!  They have all these unique flavors - they already have fall flavors out too! - and one scoop is MASSIVE!  They will even let you split your one scoop into 2 different flavors if you have problems choosing like me!

one scoop!  yellow cake batter + broad ripple tracks (peanut butter & chocolate)
And what kind of doggie mom would I be if I didn't get the dogs some kind of dessert too?  The dog treats at Three Dogs Bakery are amazing!  I always love bringing them home treats from bakeries when I go on vacation and now realized that those bakeries are wayyy overpriced!  Three Dogs has great treats at reasonable prices - and my dogs loved them! 

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and have a great week!  Fingers crossed that I rocked that test!

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