September 11, 2013

Never Forget

On the anniversary of September 11, I want to take this moment to remember those lives that were lost that day in 2001 and those who helped in all of the rescue efforts.  It was such a tragic day for our country, but at the same time it showed how strong our country could be when we worked together.

I remember the day vividly just like my parents will always remember JFK's death.  I was sitting in my senior economics class when the librarian called to tell our teacher to turn on the TV.  We all sat in confusion as we tried to figure out what happened - did a plane lose control or have an engine malfunction?  Then we watched the live footage of the second plane and realized this couldn't be a coincidence. The whole day the entire school was glued to the television trying to make sense of what was going on, watching the raw footage of the mass casualties, trying to wrap our minds around the situation. 

Being in Alabama, not many of us had family in the New York or DC area, but those who did fervently tried to reach family and friends.  Rumors circulated on what was going to happen next - transportation all over was going to cease, gas prices would skyrocket, we wouldn't be able to get mail or food.  I guess people panic when they don't know what's going on.

I worked in a grocery store at the time and we were slammed all night.  Gas stations began to run out of gas as people filled up their cars and every container they had. 

But we made it through.  Our country survived.  We are strong. It hurt, but we will never forget. 

Where were you during September 11?  Do you remember all the details from that day?

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