September 6, 2013

#sidebarlove {August}

I love my sponsors.

And I love showing my sponsors love.  So I love it when they participate in these #sidebarlove posts!  

This month I'm a little late because of me moving to Indianapolis and not having internet for 2 weeks.  So I asked everyone: 

1. If you couldn't live without one type of first world device/service, what would it be & why?
2. Do you think you would like being "unplugged" (without internet)? 

1. If I couldn't live without a first world device, it would be my Kindle. I take it everywhere with me. I don't have the upper body strength to carry around the pile of books I want to read so it's perfect!
2. As much as I'd like to be free of distractions and actually get my homework done on time, I'd never be able to live unplugged. I use the internet for everything from researching types of hearing loss to keeping in touch with family to laughing at stupid videos of goats screaming.

1. Indoor plumbing. I  couldn't stand having to go to the restroom outside, in a bucket, etc. 24/7! So thankful for that awesome invention.
2.  I love blogging and being connected via the internet but I think I could live without it. Sometimes it can be more of a burden or distraction that takes us away from our families and it would break my heart if it came to that. 

 1. A microwave. I probably only use mine once or twice a month so I could totally do without. They creep me out a little bit anyway because they just cook shit so fast!
2. No! Not on a regular day. I need my iPhone or I am one sad panda. I do love it on vacation though and it is pretty common for me to not even bring my phone on a trip.

1. If you couldn't live without one type of first world device/service, what would it be & why? I could not live without my phone. It has the internet, so I can check all my social media on it, and all my numbers so I can text. Forget phone calls! ;)
2. Do you think you would like being "unplugged" (without internet)? I like being less stressed about things. Sometimes if I read a Facebook post it gets under my skin and can make me in a bad mood. On the weekends, I kind of check out, so I like that I'm pretty carefree.

1.  I couldn't live without my iPhone.  It's a life saver for when your MacBook dies and the TV remote is on the other side of the room and you're too lazy to get up!

2.  I wouldn't mind being unplugged.  I'm pretty sure I could've done without the Miley Cyrus horror show, also known as the VMAs, and the continuos talk as if the actual show wasn't god awful enough!
Brooke Lyn @ Babbling Brooklyn

1. Not sure I could live without my iPhone, even if it is the pitiful original 4. It helps me not get lost, keeps me in contact with everyone, and how else would I be able to take all these selfies?! 
2. Funny you mention 'unplug', I was just talking to the BF last night about how we should 'unplug' from the internet during the weeknights. We are both on the computer so much during the day, I think we can live without buzzfeed and twitter just for a few hours :) 
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