October 4, 2013


Seriously, I'm turning 30 next week. Am I supposed to be having some type of mid-life crisis?  Am I supposed to be drinking all my sorrows away?  Or am I just supposed to be giving away a wad of cash?!

Well, let's hope it's the latter because that's what I'm totally doing!  I've gathered up some of my blog friends to offer you guys $100 worth of cold, hard, unearned cash to celebrate my upcoming big day!  Now go thank these ladies and visit their wonderful blogs!!

Also in honor of my birthday month, ALL of my ad spaces will be 50% off with promo code DIRTYTHIRTY!! 

Annnnnd guess who is coming to see me this weekend?!  BOBBY!!  Yay!!  So you won't be hearing from me until Monday and maybe not even then since I have a big, big test on Tuesday.  So tell everyone about the giveaway and have a fabulous weekend!!

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