October 1, 2013

#sidebarlove {September}

For September's #sidebarlove post, I asked my sponsors about something I had on my mind a lot lately - my upcoming 30th birthday.  I'm gradually completing my Dirty Truth series and can't wait to finish it!  And remember, if you want to become one of my sponsors, please visit my advertise page! For the whole month of October you can get 50% off ALL ADS with promo code DIRTYTHIRTY!!

So I asked my sponsors:
1. How old are you?
2. What is your most memorable birthday?

And here are their answers!! 

1. 30 Years Old
2. One of my 20 something birthdays turned out to be a disaster, or so I thought. I wanted to go to dinner and then to the city to watch a hockey game (we did that a lot in those days, not sure why lol). Everyone I invited kept putting it off and wouldn't give me an answer, or would back out at the last minute. I was getting really upset that no one wanted to hang out with me on my birthday. It ended up being 4 of us who were going to dinner and then hockey game. One by one, they slowly started dropping off and making up excuses. We ended up skipping the game, and one of my friends and I went to another friends apartment. Well, it was a surprise party for me and I had NO IDEA. After the initial shock of being mad at everyone for ditching ended up being a great night!

Tiffany @ A Safe Havens
1. I am 31. I will be 32 on the 25th of this month! (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TIFFANY!!)
2. All of my birthdays are pretty darn memorable, except maybe some of my childhood birthdays, that all kind of blur together.  If I missed one, I might be dead! In all honesty, my birth month has always been a little whack. You call yourself bad luck jenn, I have the bad luck too, and Septembers are a joke! Who gets fired for no reason on her birthday? This girl!

1. 24
2. My most memorable birthday was my 23rd birthday. Joe (now hubby, but boyfriend at the time) threw me a huge surprise party at my parent's house. After the two of us finished dinner at The Cheesecake Factory to celebrate my birthday, the plan was to just stop by my parents house to say hello since we were in the neighborhood. When I walked through the door, SURPRISE, a huge group of my friends had shown up to celebrate my birthday. Little did I know that was the smallest surprise of the evening. It was time to cut the cake and as soon as I blew out the candles, I turn and see Joe down on one knee, asking for me to be his wife. Definitely the best birthday ever! I don't know if he will ever be able to top that one!

1. I'm 31
2. pretty much all the birthdays when I was a kid were amazing because it's exciting at that age. I don't exactly celebrate anymore. Like this year I went to the Santa Barbara Zoo, which was amazinggg but certainly not a "birthday celebration". Last year for my 30th though, me and the boyfriend went out to Palm Springs and got a cabana suite. We sat at an outdoor bar while we waited for our room to be ready and the bartender served us UNREAL amounts of cachaça (brazilian rum). She kept making all kinds of caipirinha's and we went thru like 2 bottles. It was nuts, needless to say, I spent the rest of the time nursing a hangover by the pool in the crispy 110 degree sun. It was really so relaxing and fun for something so simple. 

1. This past July I turned 25
2. My most memorable birthday in recent years was my 23rd. (At the time, the Dart rail connection had just opened in Denton.) We took the train to Fair Park where we saw an IMAX movie and explored museums all day. We ended my birthday by hitting the bars in Deep Ellum, having a few tequila shots, and riding the train back to Denton!

What lovely birthday memories!! 

I will also be hosting a CASH giveaway for my birthday!  If you would like to participate in the giveaway, please EMAIL ME ( by Wednesday!  Buy-ins are only $3 for 1 link, $5 for 2 links, or $7 for 3 links! 

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