November 8, 2013

... hockey time!

It's hammer hockey time!  Since it's Fan Friday with Sarah, I wanted to wait until today to tell you guys about the hockey game the Bobster & I went to on Friday.  Bobby is a huge hockey fan and I've become a hockey fan by proxy because I had to learn what the hell was going on when I was getting dragged going to all these games with him because he wouldn't let me talk to him during the game unless it was about hockey.  Indianapolis doesn't have a professional team, but they do have the Indiana Ice which is a junior hockey.

What is junior hockey?  The players are 16-20 years old and they are playing to NCAA hockey scholarships.  About 10% of these guys eventually get drafted for the NHL. The Indiana Ice are a team within the United States Hockey League which is the top junior hockey league in the US. The boys live with local families but do not get paid so they can be eligible for NCAA.  Most games are on the weekend since they are still in school and some work part-time jobs.

Before we headed to the game, we grabbed dinner downtown at Weber's Grill.  They have an open kitchen and are the creators of those little red-topped grills.  We both ordered a create your own bbq plate but got different things:  Bobby got smoked sausage & meatloaf and I got pulled pork and brisket.  The sides were also really yummy!  And I loved the pretzel rolls!

The Ice played at Banker's Life Fieldhouse last Friday against the Cedar Rapids Roughriders.  This is also where the Pacers play.  Neither one of us have ever been to a pro basketball game and the arena alone was pretty awesome.  I definitely want to go to a Pacers game now!  Especially since they are 5-0!!

We got great seats right behind the Ice and lemme just say... teenage boys + sports + 12 rows away = omigosh some deodorant company come sponsor them now! But other than the smell of post-pubescent sweaty boys, we definitely liked seeing the players up close.  These guys were baby faces, but most of them were like over 6 feet tall!  They were definitely fast skaters, but clumsy at the same time compared to professional players. 

Unfortunately the Ice lost in overtime.

After the game, we grabbed some frozen yogurt at yogulatte before heading home. 

And Bobby spilled chocolate syrup on him.  I found this extremely funny because he always claims I'm the messy one.

You're welcome for the close-up picture of my boyfriend's crotch.  Have a great weekend!  I will be spending it in my second home:  the library.

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