November 13, 2013


Have you ever watched the show Girl Code on MTV?  If you haven't, you totally should.  And if you have, you rock.  Their segment of #ICant has inspired this post & link-up today.  These are three things I can't deal with.

Now I know a tons of you folks have been putting up your Christmas decor already, but you need to take that shit down.  I haven't even had my turkey yet!  It's one thing to get your Christmas shopping started early and beat the crowds, but to ignore holidays completely and just skip the whole month of November just isn't right.
I walked into Lowe's the other day and I was bombarded with Christmas trees.  Target had their items up the day after Halloween. WTF guys.  Give me some more pumpkins and orange hues and quit trying to make me spend my money already. But these little guys should be around all year because they are the best Little Debbie ever! #notahypocrit
So unless I can skip a whole month worth of classes, Christmas before Thanksgiving:

Swirly doors scare the bejeezus outta me and I don't understand their reason for existing. They take up more room.  I'm sure they are harder to clean. And what if you get someone on the other side pushing too fast?  Or even worse... What if you get in one with KIDS?!  Because you know kids want to make it go around over and over again. 
I went to the University Library the other night and they didn't have one swirly door, but TWO of these bitches. What's wrong with a normal friggin' door people?  Have we finally given up on people reading the PUSH/PULL signs and swirly doors are going to be installed everywhere? Oh god please say it isn't so. Swirly doors:

Leggings are to be worn with dresses, tunics, long sweaters, and pretty much anything that covers your ass.  If your you are wearing leggings as pants and your ass is not covered, turn around, walk back into your house, and put some damn clothes on.  Your butt cheeks and camel toe are showing and I do not wanna see that mess.
I understand casual, but girls wearing leggings as pants:

Now everyone come link-up today and tell us what you can't deal with!  Make sure to check out the other people that have linked up (please oh please at least one person link-up!!), and duh - make sure you link back to me!

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