November 11, 2013

I'm the crazy dog lady

To make Monday a little less bland and to make me love my dogs again after they drove me effing crazy this weekend, I figured I would share some of the pictures of my babies that I have been stockpiling since my trip to Alabama.  Yeah, I said it. BABIES.  Because that's what they are to me.  I haven't pushed a human out of my vagina yet, so these furry creatures are as close to children as I'm getting for right now.

With how they chew stuff up, vomit on my carpet, harass me everytime I try to study, always wanting something, and fussing with each other, maybe they are more like toddlers.  In the terrible twos.

And if you are new to the ole blog, I am the crazy dog lady.  I have a total of 3 dogs.  And since moving to Indiana for grad school, we are all living in the city in a townhouse together.  Read: THEY DRIVE ME BAT SHIT CRAZY.  They are used to being in the country with a huge fenced in yard and a dog door.  Now they rely on me to let them out and take them on walks and pick up their shit.  And I finally decided school was important and I needed to make good grades, so I've been spending long ass hours in the library.  Let's just say I ate dinner in my car last night to get away from them.  And when I say dinner, I mean easy mac.

Bama is slightly overbearing which makes her the worst car passenger ever.  She is 7 years old and proves that you CANNOT teach an old dog new tricks.  She is a jack russell terrorist through and through.   But I still love her fuzzy face.

I volunteered with miniature pinscher rescue for a few years, and while Crimson is a lot of things the breed is not, she is so many things the breed is as well.  She is a Diva with a capital D.  The night this picture was taken she was giving me a health scare with her diabetes.  Of course that requires extra snuggles. 

I absolutely love this picture.  It shows Duke's personality off so well!  I have way more pictures of Duke because he came along with me on my trip to Alabama, not because he is my favorite or anything. (He's my favorite). 

Before we got to Bobby's, we stopped at one of those dog washes to get Duke squeaky clean.  Duke loved it about as much as non-retriever dogs love baths.  I liked it way better than killing my back over a regular bathtub.  Rub-a-dub-dub, there's a Duke in the tub!

Duke wasn't so sure about the strange new place we were in at first, especially without his sisters.  But the dogs all love carpet and love to scratch their backs on it.  I also call this his "preying mantis" pose and he does it all.the.time.

Duke loves Bobby.  Let me repeat: LOVES BOBBY.  If we were on opposite sides of the room calling him and I had a juicy steak and Bobby just had his good looks, Duke's sorry ass would probably choose Bobby over his loving mother that has raised him for 5 years. I thought this was the sweetest thing ever to see my 2 boys in the floor together. 

Bobby went to grab us dinner one night and let me study (isn't he sweet?) and Duke sat at the door crying for the whole hour 15 minutes.  See paragraph above.

Hope these silly & cute pictures of my loveable mutts got you smiling on this Monday! Don't forget about the #ICant linkup THIS WEDNESDAY!  Feel free to grab a button!

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