November 6, 2013

Just Another Weekend In Indy

Thank goodness those tests are OVAH!  Now it's time for me to study for another big test scheduled for Monday!  Oh, the exciting life of a grad student! 

But I did get a break this past weekend from studying and walking dogs and eating ramen when the Bobster came to visit.  Friday we went to our first Indiana Ice hockey game and Saturday we had our first experience with a cinema grill.  I will tell you all about the hockey game on Friday so I can link up with Sarah's Fan Friday!

So Saturday we started the day out grabbing some lunch at Union Jack.  I loved their pizza menus that were on wooden boards.  I enjoyed the atmosphere, but wish they would've been playing American football on TV instead of just soccer.  We split a big pizza and it was super cheesy and yummy and we had tons of leftovers for Bobby to bring home with him. 

I also picked up some dog treats at my favorite doggie bakery, Three Dogs Bakery.  They had their Halloween treats buy 2, get 1 free - which is perfect for 3 dogs!  These spooky bars are so friggin' big that I can cut up one and split it 3 ways. 

We went shopping at the fancy Keystone Crossing mall.  When I say shopping, I really mean "shopping" because we couldn't afford a damn thing in that mall.  We're talking BCBG, Michael Kors, & Louis Vuitton. But I guess that's the kind of "shopping" a broke grad student should do.

That evening we had reservations to see Captain Phillips at Studio Cinema Grill.  I had bought tickets with a Groupon to check out the new theater.  I was super pumped about the place because I had never been to a cinema grill before. 

What is a cinema grill?  You can order a full meal from your movie seat. Waiters try to be very stealth while serving you during the movie.  It's a great way to do dinner AND a movie.

The theater had just opened so I'm glad we reserved our tickets online because the line to buy tickets was out the front door.  We were there super early, so we got a seat on a couch and watched the Tennessee football game.  I went to the bar to grab a beer & a sprite, but there was only one bartender.  Remember: the line was out the door which means the place was packed.  So it took about 20 minutes for me to order drinks and when I sat down and drank my sprite, I noticed there was a super weird smell to it.  Like the glass smelled like moldy, funky, sour feet.  Apparently I couldn't even get a clean glass.

I am very non-confrontational, so Bobby went back to the bar and asked for a clean glass.  I'm glad he did because I checked my receipt and realized I had paid $3.50 for a damn sprite! 

We finally get seated, and immediately press our buttons because we already know what we want to order.  The chairs are super comfy and there is tons of leg room.  We were in the theater 17 minutes before the movie started.  The website said to be seated 20 minutes prior to give time to order your food.  But apparently there was only one guy taking orders for the entire theater.  Needless to say, we ordered during the previews to Anchorman 2 which kinda pissed me off.  I actually like the previews.  We ordered a 2 for $25 special where we got 2 entrees & an appetizer for $25.


Of course this meant someone was still taking the orders of the rows in front of us the rest of the previews.  The finally got more than one person to take orders and they squatted down to take the orders, but they entered the order immediately via cell phone which was lit up real nice.  So definitely distracting. A little while into the movie, someone comes up to us to let us know there had been an emergency in the kitchen and they would not be able to prepare any food.  They were deeply sorry, but could bring us popcorn & would pay for our drinks.  Well duh, we wanted chicken, so yeah we will take free popcorn. 

All of a sudden, people in black shirts were crossing in front of us and dropping off drinks and popcorn real fast.  It scared the hell outta me since I was trying to pay attention to the movie.  And then over halfway through the movie, black shirts crossed in front us again and dropped off food plates.  So I guess we are getting our entrees after all.  But it's one thing to munch on popcorn in the dark, and another thing to eat a barbecue chicken sandwich or chicken nachos in the dark.  Of course I was wearing a white t-shirt too.  And on top of that, the food SUCKED.  And I couldn't even see it to see why it sucked so bad or see what the hell I was even eating.  So I definitely got a queasy feeling in my stomach.

SPOILER ALERT:  The movie Captain Phillips was definitely good.  It was a little slow, but they did a great job of portraying the events of the Somalian pirates taking over the Maersk Alabama back in 2009.  At the end of the movie, they showed the update of what happened to Captain Phillips and the head Somalian pirate.  And only in Indiana does the entire theater LAUGH!  Because the captain of the pirates, Abduwali Muse, is currently incarcerated in the federal penitentiary in Terre Haute, Indiana.

After the movie ended, a manager came out and apologized about the issues with the kitchen and offered everyone free movie passes.  No one received checks for their food, so we also got all our food for free as well.  The movie passes actually expire in 2 weeks.

So how bad does your service have to be to get free food and free movie passes? 

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