November 17, 2013

Review: Ice Cream Magic

I scream, you scream, and I scream again for ice cream.  So when the makers of Ice Cream Magic sent me their product to review, of course I was more than willing.  I believe this product is geared more towards kids, but yeah, I don't even care. 

I viewed the product and at first look thought - no way is this going to make enough ice cream for me.  But then I realized that it is geared towards kids and is probably a "suggested serving size".  Darn standards.

To make any flavor of ice cream, you need to put ice cubes, salt, and water in the bottom cup.  Luckily these were all ingredients readily available in my kitchen.  It does require 4 tablespoons of salt for one batch of ice cream, which I thought was pretty excessive.

There was a recipe book included that offered so many suggestions of interesting ice cream flavors.  The common ingredient in most of them was whipping cream which was something I had to pick up at the store.  I decided to make basic vanilla which only required whipping cream, vanilla extract, and sugar.  I mixed the ingredients and added them into the freezing bowl. 

I put everything securely together and shook the container for 3 minutes.  Let's just say major arm workout!  After 3 minutes, the ice cream directly touching the bowl was a great texture.  I mixed the ingredients and shook for another minute to thicken the rest of the mixture.  The final product was consistent with softened ice cream that had been out of the freezer for a little while.

To get a good concept of how much ice cream was made, I had some ice cream cones in the cupboard and moved the ice cream to the cone.  The ice cream tasted great!  But I haven't really met an ice cream I didn't like.  I liked knowing exactly what was in my ice cream and 4 minutes is actually pretty quick for homemade ice cream (I had one of those noisy machines once and it took 30 minutes+).  I believe it would be a fun activity for kids and the containers are very easy to clean.

Even though 4 minutes is quick for homemade ice cream, sometimes you have those rough days at work and need immediate gratification.  I would still need to keep a pint of Ben & Jerry's in the freezer for those days.  It also produces a small yield for the work put into it, but maybe that's actually a pro considering we probably all should be watching our portions more.And should be doing an arm workout before eating ice cream, amiright?!

PROS:  ability to control ingredients, quick for homemade ice cream, portion control container can be used for homemade or premade ice cream, easy to clean

CONS: small yield of ice cream

WOULD JENN BUY?  For $9.99, I believe it would be a great gift for an ice cream lover or someone that is health conscious and concerned about ingredients.  It would also be a fun activity for children! 

I was given this product in exchange for my review.  All opinions are my own. 

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