December 27, 2013

Commercials that suck

I am a TV whore.  There.  I admitted it.  But I have no intentions of seeking recovery.

The best thing that has ever happened to TV was the invention of the DVR.  Working late?  No problem!  Can't decide which show to watch first?  Record the other one!  Don't like commercials?  Use the fast forward button!

But I have been watching a lot of shows that have been on regular TV.  Eeeeek!  That means commercials. And I have been thoroughly disturbed with the recent commercials I have been seeing.

K-Mart's Joe Boxer "Show Your Joe"

Now I am all for seeing half-naked men on TV (ie: zesty guy Kraft dressing commercials), but men in their underwear jingling their balls bells?  Put some damn pants on.  You look ridiculous.

Farmer's Only Dating Site

I don't know who gets this gem on their TV's, but I literally cracked up when I first saw it. They literally have an online dating site for every single kind of person and demographic. But this commercial comes on all.the.time.  And the jingle is kinda catchy so I get it stuck in my head all.the.time.

ZiCam pre-cold monster

Since it's cold season I am seeing this commercial entirely too often and this pre-cold monster is freaking me the hell out.  He is ugly and gross and has a runny nose.  The runny nose is scary enough. Don't tell me I'm the only one that shudders when I'm next to a stranger that is coughing, sneezing, or sniffling.

Skittles "French the Rainbow"

Why they ever got the idea to make Skittles as teeth I have no idea.  They aren't shaped like teeth or white like teeth so I really have no clue.  But then to have this chick come and suck Skittles out of this guy's mouth just makes me want to vomit in mine.

ASPCA commercials

I won't even torture you by posting an actual ASPCA commercial.  I am a total dog person and volunteered with dog rescue for many years so I literally close my eyes or change the channel anytime one of these commercials come on.  I just can't stand watching images of the abused and neglected animals.  And that song on top of it!

What commercials do you hate?

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