December 13, 2013

Dear Snow...

Being from Alabama, when you started falling from the sky last week, I was a giddy little school girl.  I ran outside with my cell phone and immediately started taking pictures of my first snow in Indiana. I'm sure my neighbors were thinking, "that Alabama girl is crazy, has she never seen snow before?"

The following morning, I loved how beautiful you looked on the trees.

My little dogs weren't so sure about how you engulfed their little feet.  They also had a difficult time finding the perfect spot to poop because you covered the ground so well.

I also had to figure out how to get 6 inches of you off my car so I could drive to work.  I've only seen this much of you on my car one other time in my life.  I definitely was not prepared and my soaking wet knit gloves and wet socks proved that.  And again, my neighbors were probably thinking, "that Alabama girl is crazy, is she scraping snow off her car with a Sprite box?"  Yes neighbors.  Yes I was.

But now it's a week later and you're still here.  And it's freaking me out.

If you ever showed your face in Alabama, everyone ran immediately to the grocery stores to stock up on milk and bread.  I've never really figured that one out, but whatevs.  Then all the schools let out early and were cancelled for the next day.  Then we may or may not see you.  Most of the time not.  But when we did, you only stuck around for a few hours.  You were usually gone before I even woke up.

You're visiting Indy again tonight.  The weatherman is saying you are going to leave half a foot of you're powdery goodness in the city overnight!  I am a little more prepared for you to make an appearance this time since I now have some boots and a "snow brush". Whatever the hell that is.  But I have three major problems with you.

1.  You're making my car super dirty.

Well it's not really YOU that is making my car dirty.  It's all the salt on the roads to prevent the hazards you can cause.  But how am I going to get my car clean when all the precipitation from the sky is frozen?  What?  People wash their cars some other way?

2.  You're making it hard for me to walk.

Granted it's hard for me to walk most days anyway since I am such a klutz, but I had no idea how stinkin' hard it would be to walk on a sidewalk after you came to visit.  I'm pretty sure you will claim me as a victim before the winter is over with.

3.  You're making it freakin' cold.

FREAKIN' COLD.  My Alabama wardrobe isn't prepared for negative windchills.  I have to walk the dogs every day multiple times and walk a few blocks to work in these frigid, ear-biting, finger-crippling, runny-nose-causing temperatures.  You're also causing air to seep out of my tires.  I don't like it.

But even though you aren't at the top of my Christmas list right now, I am still amazed by your beauty.  But I definitely would rather enjoy you from inside.  In my sweatpants.  In front of a heater. With a warm beverage in my hands.

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