December 22, 2013

How to Lose an Engagement Ring in 10 Days

Well Christmas week is finally upon us.  Which means it is time for my social media feeds to be filled with something I want so badly right now I can't stand it - engagement rings.

Apparently Christmas is when the most people get engaged.  Or at least that's what the jewelry store commercials on the radio say.  And I hear them every.single.time I am in the car.  Convenient.  So today I offer you my best advice yet.

Day 1: Tell him you're ready. Daily.
No guy likes rejection.  So make sure your guy knows that you will say yes!

Day 2: Create a wedding Pinterest Board.
Nothing says you are ready to get married like planning your non-existent wedding.  Your boyfriend will appreciate you getting a huge head start and picking out all your centerpieces, colors, and dresses without him even having to know about it.  Less work for him!

Day 3: Ensure your hands are manicured at all times.
You gotta make sure your fingers look great to sport that new rock.  You're going to have to immediately post pictures to every social media outlet so you don't want everyone seeing chipped polish or ragged hang nails.

Day 4: Make sure your boyfriend knows your ring size.
You want the ring to fit immediately when you take the picture to post on Facebook, right?  Then make sure he knows your correct ring size!  It probably wouldn't hurt to let him know your favorite diamond cut either.

Day 5: Use an engagement ring calculator.
Jewelry companies suggest spending 3 month's salary on an engagement ring.  If he doesn't believe you, show him hard evidence using this calculator.  It uses important information like your education, looks, cooking abilities and how much you put out.  You may want to fill it out for him so he knows the correct answers.

Day 6: Let him know when your friends get engaged.
Of course you are happy for your friends, but you are also green with envy.  So make sure to tell your beau about it. It's even better when you point out that your friends were dating for a shorter time than you and your guy.

Day 7: Show pictures of rings to your honey.
You already made sure the ring fits, but of course you want to make sure you like it.  This ring will be sitting on your finger forever! So make sure to tell him what rings you like and don't like.  Pin them to your wedding board!  And if all else fails, take him to a jewelry store.

Day 8: Tell him about this court case in GA.
After a 7 year engagement, this man in GA has been charged with a breach of promise to marry and the court has ordered him to pay $50,000 to his former fiancee. I'm sure the thought of legal repercussions will make the choice to put a ring on it even easier.

Day 9: Start planning your wedding.
David's Bridal is having their $99 gown sale?  Well, you simply can't pass up a good sale! Start trying on dresses now so you have plenty of time to say yes to the dress.  It probably wouldn't hurt to go to a few bridal fairs or pick up a couple of bridal magazines either.

Day 10: Ask for an engagement ring for your birthday/Valentine's/Christmas.
Does he never know what to get you for a present?  Take all the guesswork out of it for him and tell him exactly what you really want!

If you follow all of these simple guidelines, I bet that you can lose that engagement ring within 10 days and you will NOT be posting an engagement ring this week.  Will I admit that I have done one or seven of these things?  Let's just say that Bobby knows I want to be engaged.

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