December 20, 2013

Ornament Swap {Reveal}

I think Jennifer from Bubbly & Buttercream and I had a pretty fabulous Ornament Swap this year!  I got to send to Heather from I Do What I Want.  And after checking out her blog and finding out more about her, I was sure I wanted to send her something wine related.  Maybe something lawyer-y if I could find it.  But when I went shopping, I couldn't find crap!  So I decided to get her some fancy ornaments that would stick out on her tree.  Make sure to visit her blog and see what I sent her!  I know the suspense is killing you!

I received my ornaments from Jennifer and was so excited to get my box because she bakes all.the.time and I was secretly hoping she packed some of those goodies in my box!  And she did!  The same cookies I was drooling over on Instagram a few days before were now in front of me.

I always tell Jennifer that I will be her taste tester, so of course I had to immediately eat a whole cookie taste one.  Le duh. Jennifer sent me 2 perfect ornaments.  A store bought snowflake and a handmade one that literally made me tear up a little bit.

The snowflake is kind of perfect with all the snow I've been getting up here in Indy!

And this handmade ornament is perfect!  It documents this year so perfectly and shows my move from Alabama to Indiana.  I'm going to add the year to the other side of it since I always get an ornament each year that highlights something that happened during the year and this one is kinda perfect!

And of course getting the ornaments in the mail was the kick in the butt I needed to finally drag my tree down and put it up!

Do you have any favorite ornaments?  Do you make a themed tree? Make sure to visit Bubbly & Buttercream and see the link-up and all the other ornaments!

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