December 1, 2013

Review: MicroTouch SwitchBlade

We all know that I don't shave my legs when I'm not seeing the boyfriend.  I would be lying if I said my other grooming did not go by the wayside whenever he is back in Alabama too.  And I have never broken out of my box to get full body waxing.  I will let a total stranger around my eyes with hot wax, have even let someone do my upper lip once, but haven't let anyone near my lady bits to rip hair out from the roots.  No and thank you.

So when the boyfriend comes into town, I gotta make sure I'm groomed to the nines.  And sometimes those lady razors just aren't going to get it.  Maybe because I let myself go for a month?  Eh, that's beside the point. Having dark brown hair, I've always felt self-conscious about my eyebrows, lip, nose, etc and those areas require a good trimmer.

I immediately liked the MicroTouch SwitchBlade because it was small and used 2 AAA batteries.  I've used trimmers in the past that were "wireless" but always needed to be charged by the time I needed to use them. I also liked the size of the MicroTouch.  It was compact and very easy to handle.

The MicroTouch can switch from a micro-groomer to a full-size groomer just by sliding the middle of body of the trimmer up or down.  The micro-groomer is designed for ears, nose, neck, eyebrowns, and sideburns.  The full-size blade allows for trimming between haircuts to full body grooming. The MicroTouch is made to be an all-in-one, head-to-toe groomer.

I tried the micro-trimmer on my eyebrows, nose, and lip and it did a great job.  I also thought it was really neat that it had a light that helped you see the smaller hairs.

I also used the full-sized trimmer but was not as impressed with the results.  I think the micro-blade got a closer result than the full-size did.  I also had to get the instructions out to figure out how to even switch the blades back and forth (and what guy is going to do that?) and definitely could easily cut myself in the hand on the larger blade.

The trimmer came with multiple comb attachments that I was not able to use.  It comes with 2/4mm & 6mm combs for the micro-blade and small & large combs for the full-sized blade.  Bobby will be a second review from a guy's perspective of this product during the week of Christmas!  I wish the attachments came in packaging that could help with storage because I see myself losing the combs unless I keep them in the box.

GOOD:  small size, uses batteries, portable, micro-blade gets good results, affordable

BAD: switching blades is difficult and dangerous, full-size blade did not work well

WOULD JENN BUY THIS PRODUCT?  If I needed just a micro-trimmer, this product is effective, portable, small, and affordable at $19.99.  If I wanted to purchase a trimmer than my spouse could also use as a full-size trimmer, I do not think this little guy would do the trick.

Please check back for Bobby's review of this product around Christmas! 

I was given this product gratis for my honest review.  All opinions are my own. 

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