December 26, 2013

#sidebarlove {December}

Since yesterday was Christmas, I wanted to give you guys a belated Christmas gift and introduce you to a few of my lovely sponsors! For this month's #sidebarlove, I asked them a few questions about the holiday season.

1. What is one of your favorite holiday traditions?
2. What is an item at the top of your Christmas wish list? Will you be getting it?

BrookeLyn @ Babbling BrookeLyn
1. Favorite Holiday Tradition would have to be Christmas Pajamas on Christmas Eve that my mom picks out for my siblings and I every year. The one year she tried to say we were all too old for them, we copped a fit. Needless today, she has never missed a Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve since.
2. An item that was at the top of my wish list was Miss Dior perfume and since the BF and I had to celebrate early, because he left for Christmas with his family in Indiana, I am already getting to wear it :)

1. One of my favorite holiday traditions is Christmas Eve dinner!  We always have delicious food and desserts and exchange small gifts with family members that night!  We do it at different family members house each year.
2. I would really like a Tory Burch purse!  No idea if I'm getting it or not, I hope so!

1. I think the only tradition my family really has is where we "sit" on Christmas morning to open gifts! My brother still makes me sit on the floor next to the tree and pass out gifts to everyone. My parents are always on the couch. It's something we've done since we were little! This year will be interesting since C is joining us....I wonder where he will sit!
2. The item at the top of my list is a new laptop! I dropped my old one because it shocked me and I screwed it up. I'm pretty sure I am getting one from my parents...fingers crossed!

1. Christmas time is when I miss my Puerto Rico that much more. Even though it's been years since I last went to visit I can't deny that my soul still yearns to celebrate the holidays a la Boricua style. In case you aren't familiar with the term "Boricua" it means a person who is Puerto Rican. Back in the day the natives used to call Puerto Rico the island of Boriquen. So if you're an inhabitant from Boriquen, then you're a Boricua like me. Some of our Christmas traditions were and still are:
- Opening gifts on Christmas eve and party until the wee hours of the morning. Christmas day is spent recovering and watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music and sometimes get out of the house by visiting other family members or going out on the town and watch a movie.
- Go around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights. Back when I used to live in Puerto Rico we would go Christmas caroling, or go on "parrandas". This was the most fun I ever had as a kid and I want to do this tradition again.
- We definitely throw down with holiday food such as: Pasteles (which are like Mexican tamales but instead of corn dough it's mashed green plantain, stuffed with meat wrapped in leaves from the banana tree). Arroz con gandules (our most traditional rice with pigeon peas which look like small beans). Lechón asado {roasted pig on a spit} or baked in an oven. As far as desserts, it doesn't get any better than arroz con dulce (rice cooked with spices, sugar, milk, and coconut milk), tembleque (coconut milk custard topped with cinnamon), and my personal favorite coquito (coconut milk with rum) or as I like to call it Puerto Rican nog.
2. The one thing I really want from my Christmas wishlist is an Erin Condren Life Planner and I found out yesterday that's exactly what my BFF Ava got me! She didn't know exactly what customizations I wanted so she got me a $50 gift card and I was able to customize it myself and ordered it. I should get it sometime in the first week of January and I'm excited to be able to get organized and have a year long calendar to do just that.

If you caught my post about how blogging can be like a chore, you should guess that this will be my last #sidebarlove post for awhile.  I love this format of getting to know my sponsors and I hope you have too! I will definitely continue it as soon as I go back to regular advertising!

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