January 2, 2014

Indy Restaurant Review

It's not news that I am a total foodie.  So when Bobby came to visit for Christmas last week, of course we went to a few new Indianapolis restaurants.  And I may or may not have been planning all week where to eat.  Don't judge me.

So instead of bombarding you with scattered pictures of food and making you hungry, I will just put it all in one post and make you starving.  You're welcome.

Bazbeaux Pizza
FOOD:  8/10
PRICING: Affordable; our ticket was $25 because Bobby got his beer comp'ed
RECOMMEND:  Absolutely!

I had heard from numerous locals that this place was the best pizza place in Indy.  And it didn't disappoint!  Bobby & I don't necessarily like the same ingredients on our pizza, so we made the choice to get 2 separate small pizzas.  They had a long list of speciality pizzas and an even longer list of ingredients.  Specialty cheeses, chorizo, crab meat.. you know, the usual.

I wonder how a seafood pizza would turn out?  They offer shrimp, crab, and fish as toppings.

Bobby thought his pizza was the best pizza he had ever had.  I had a bacon, tomato, and cheese pizza with lots of spices and didn't really like the texture of the tomatos - so I won't do that again.  And the crust was thinner than I prefer, but I forgot to order the thicker crust.  But we ate the leftovers for lunch the next day and we would definitely go back!

Bazbeaux's offered a decent selection of beer and a ton of wines.  We went to the location in Broad Ripple which meant crazy parking (I'm sure the Mass Ave location is actually worse) even on a Monday evening.  We were seated right away, but the place was packed by the time we left.  The atmosphere would've been a lot better had we not had the most annoying family ever sitting behind us.  They were literally playing charades very loudly with their 3 kids.

Acapulco Joe's
Forgive this picture, but it was the one I sent Bobby when I first saw Acapulco Joe's! 
FOOD: 7/10
PRICING: Reasonable but slightly overpriced; our ticket was $30 with $1 draft beer

I noticed this place one day driving home from class since it is right downtown.  I loved the location and had asked around about it and was told that it was good Mexican.. if you like your salsa in ketchup bottles.  So definitely not fancy, and that was okay with us.

Since we went the day after Christmas, we were able to get rockstar parking right in front of the restaurant.  I liked the atmosphere with the Christmas lights up around the place and the cheap drink specials.  It seemed like a great place to grab a few with your friends before heading out somewhere.

The cheese dip was insanely expensive to me ($8/cup) so we settled for the salsa & chips.  Bobby loved their chips because they were the darker corn, very thick kind.  The salsa was great and the medium salsa on the table was thin and good for adding to your food.  Bobby inhaled his food and like most Mexican places, I couldn't finish mine (I filled up on chips and salsa, oops). The food was good and like most Mexican restaurants I had been to, but I think it was overpriced for the quality.  They also use all corn tortillas and I personally prefer flour.

Harry & Izzy's 
FOOD: 10/10
PRICING: Moderate to expensive; our check would've been around $45-50
RECOMMEND: Absolutely!  Great place for special occasions or date night

When Bobby's family came into town for Christmas, we wanted to go somewhere new downtown so we picked Harry & Izzy's.  I had heard that it was reasonably priced and had good food.  When we walked in and someone offered to take our coats, we definitely thought we were underdressed.

The place was actually very snazzy and had an hour wait time.  Luckily we were able to get immediate seating in the bar area.  Bobby ordered pork chops ($23) and I ordered a prime rib sandwich ($13).  It was a steakhouse but they also offered brick oven pizzas.  All steaks were $30-50, but other items on the menu were very reasonable.

Everyone at the table loved their food.  Bobby said it was the best pork chops he had ever eaten and his mashed potatoes were delicious too.  I enjoyed my prime rib sandwich with fries, but the prime rib was a little greasy & fatty for me.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but we were out with family :)

Ted's Montana Grill
FOOD: 8/10
PRICING: Moderate; our ticket was $50
RECOMMEND? Yes, if you like bison or want to try it

We noticed this restaurant when we went to see a movie on Christmas Eve and thought it looked like an interesting place to eat.  When looking up reviews, we found out that it was Ted Turner's restaurant chain.

Ted's atmosphere was definitely different.  It had a somewhat steakhouse vibe, but a little more upscale with paper straws, homemade pickles brought to the table, and powdered soap in the bathroom. The pickles tasted like salted cucumbers. Personally, I would've rather had bread.  Most things on the menu were bison.  The menu stated that the meat was leaner and healthier for you.  I wasn't too keen on eating bison, but I wanted to try it.
Bobby got a nice bison steak for $25 and I got mini burgers with one beef & one bison for $9 (and added a salad for $4).  Bobby loved his steak and rated it one of the best bison steaks he had ever had (who eats bison that often?)  I did not like the bison AT ALL.  The burgers weren't clearly marked so I had no clue which was which but definitely could taste the difference.  I will stick to beef, thanks.

Does it sound like you would want to eat at any of these places?  Do you like these kind of reviews?

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