January 20, 2014

Meet Justine!

Justine blogs over at Sleepy Single Girl. She is fun and edgy and loves football! I asked her a few questions so make sure you check out her answers!  Then head over to her blog!

1. Your blog has an interesting name. What does it mean?
When I first started my blog I really tried to think of something that described me at the time and all of those things did. First, if it isn’t obvious, I am a girl :) Second, I was definitely single at the time. I had actually planned on writing about my dating experiences a bit, but soon after I started blogging I met “C” and I cannot use the single description anymore! Finally, the sleepy part refers to a sleeping disorder that I have. Basically, I don’t get any REM sleep (your “beauty” sleep, where your body restores itself). In an 8 hour period, most people get 6-7 hours of REM sleep. During the night of test (which you can read about here) I got only 82 minutes! So basically, I feel like I’ve only taken a nap each night, which equals a very sleepy Justine!

2. I noticed you are definitely not single! Tell us how you met C!
The short answer to how I met C is he got into my car one day! It also sounds a little creepy, so I have to explain more. Basically, one of my friends from High School played on the same team as C and asked me to give him a ride somewhere. I drove to the hotel where they were currently staying for training camp to pick him up. I really didn’t want to do it because I had to take him all the way across town, but because he was speaking to a youth sports team I decided I would help out. Well, as he was passing through the lobby he saw C who really didn’t know anyone at that time and was really bored. He invited him to come along. C really didn’t feel like going, but he had nothing better to do so he did. They both walked out the door and got in my car. I immediately was like “who is this boy??” We saw each other every day for a straight month after that! The rest is clearly history :) I love that I have posts on my blog about first meeting him, like this one.

3. You guys have a list you are working on. What is this about?
C and I have a goal to visit every NFL stadium to see a game! I am a huge football fan and it is exciting to be with someone who loves to travel and loves football as much (ok probably more) that I do! We really only started this goal last year, so I think we are doing pretty good. So far we have been to the Arizona Cardinals stadium (duh, we live in AZ), the Washington Redskins stadium and the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium. Next year we will hopefully add a few more!

4. I know you love to travel. Tell us the top 5 places you've visited.
Hmmm that’s a hard question! I think the obvious top destination is Hawaii! When I went with C last year we landed first in Oahu and then flew to the island of Kauai a day later. Next time I wouldn’t ever bother with the first stop. Honolulu is too “big city” for me! Kauai was absolutely gorgeous. They have what they call the “Grand Canyon of Hawaii” on that island and it was truly breathtaking! Other places I have really loved are Tampa (FL), Washingon (DC), Charleston (SC) and Nashville (TN).

5. You subscribe to a lot of snail mail boxes. What is your favorite and why?
Ooo another hard question. I will give you my top two favorites. The first is Le Tote. It’s basically Netflix for clothes. For $50 a month they send you a box with 3 clothing items and 2 pieces of jewelry. You wear them as much (or as little) as you want and then ship them back (no washing needed!) in the provided prepaid envelope. Then they immediately send you a new box! You can go online and fill out a style profile, pick clothing items of theirs you want them to send you, and even review things they sent. I’ve been doing it since June, I love it! You can read more about it here and here. My second favorite snail mail box, in the beauty category this time, is definitely Ipsy! For $10.00 a month you get a cute little bag full of great makeup products. Usually there are several full size products and they aren’t wimpy things like lotion bottles. If you are looking for a reasonably priced beauty box to start with, Ipsy is the way to go! You can see a couple reviews here and here.

6. What is your New Year's resolution?
Actually, I don't have any resolutions. I've never actually had one. Is that weird? I guess I just know myself and know that whatever I pick would never stick!

7. What are you three of your favorite blog posts you've written?
I would have to say my three favorite blog posts that I have written are the post I wrote right after I met C that I mentioned above, that time I made myself an awesome headboard without the help of pinterest and the time I let my transvestite neighbor do my makeup.

8. Tell my readers why they should come check out your blog!
If your readers are looking to subscribe to a new beauty box, my blog is definitely a great place to start! I tell it like it is with my reviews. I also love to talk all things beauty, including an awesome new swap I’ve started called the Pretty Little Beauty Swap. Finally, travel is my thing! I’m always posting about the various trips C and I make. I love seeing pictures of places before I actually visit them, so hopefully I can help someone out that way!

Make sure you check out Justine's blog, and stalk her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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