January 6, 2014

Tips for Winter Storm Survival

Half the country is literally FROZEN from this crazy polar vortex.  The winter storm that rocked the north just left Indiana last night.  So now I get to enjoy the toasty temperatures of -13 with windchills of -40.  No thanks.  I think I will just stay inside in my sweatpants.

This is my first winter ever having to worry about a winter storm.  I am absolutely fascinated by it all!  And no lie, a little scared!  We never got this kind of snow in Alabama!  So I put together a few tips on how to survive a winter storm.

1. Stock up
Stock up on snacks & non-perishables. You know, stuff like bags of candy and ice cream.  Because if you lose power you will be forced to eat the ice cream first and you won't feel guilty about eating the whole half gallon.  Who needs eggs, milk, and bread?  Grab the cookies, chocolate, and ice cream instead!

2.  Prepare for power outages
If you lose power, you will need to have candles, flashlights, and things to do in the dark.  So leave all the boring chores like folding laundry and cleaning until the power goes out and you have no other choice but to do something to stay warm.  And grab a Cosmo because you're TV isn't working and you need to stay up to date on the outside world somehow. Make sure to use lots of scented candles so when you light a bunch of them together, your place will smell fantastic.  Who cares about the huge headache you will get afterwards.

3. Conserve batteries
You may be stranded without contact to the outside world for hours. I know, terrifying.  Make sure you keep your cell phone plugged in while you catch up on Facebook & Instagram so your phone is charged if your power goes out.  Hopefully you won't be out of the loop too much when your power comes back on.

4. Alternative heat sources 
With windchills of -40 degrees, the temperatures outside are deadly.  If you lose power, you will have to find alternate heat sources.  If you live alone like me, just get Fido to keep you warm.  If your dogs are like mine, they want to be in your grill anyway. And dogs are like little ovens.

5. Stay inside.
I know you want to take pictures of all the snow to share with your friends.  But to conserve your heat, keep the doors shut and take pictures through your windows.  You can even see ice forming on my windows!  Brrrrr!

Luckily my power only went out for 2.5 hours and just off and on the rest of the night.  I guess the worst part is having to stay inside for a few days...boring! Don't take my survival tips to seriously... I mean I'm from Alabama so what do I know?  If you need smart tips, click here!

What do you do when you're snowed in?

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