February 12, 2014

Pinteresting: DIY Coasters

This Christmas I was definitely strapped for cash.  I love giving Christmas gifts, so I had to get creative and make some DIY gifts.  And like all of my Pinteresting projects, it had to be easy.  I found these DIY coasters and I loved the idea and the different directions I could go with it.

I made multiple sets and different types of these coasters and got rave reviews from everyone that received them!  Here is how to make your own!

Items Needed:
4x4 ceramic tiles
Foam brush
Clear glaze
Black felt
Hot glue gun
Choice of decoration (see options below) 

Paper Coasters
There are so many directions you can go with these!  I chose different types of scrapbook paper based on a common color theme.  You can also use magazine clippings.  You will need to cut out squares of the paper a little smaller than the ceramic tile.  I cut a piece of cardboard the size I wanted and used it as a template to cut each square.

Photo Coasters 
 For more of a personal touch, you can use photos to decorate the coasters.  I printed 5x7 sized black & white photos on regular copy paper.  I allowed each piece of paper to dry overnight so the ink would not smear.  I used my cardboard template to cut each picture like I wanted.

Spray Paint Coasters
These coasters are simpler and do not take as long to make, but I had  a few problems with these.  You can choose to paint the coaster solid or wrap some lace around the coaster to give it design.  I used spray glue on some to hold the lace down and found it just to be messy. The issue is removing the wet lace and making sure to spray the perfect distance away so you don't saturate the design but don't miss spots either.

I wrapped the lace around and under the tile and got better results.  Once your lace is in place, you can spray paint any color you want.  You have to pay particular attention to the distance from the tile because if you are too close, it will saturate the lace and become a big pile of paint, but if you're too far away you will not paint it thoroughly.  You have to carefully remove the lace when you are done painting (otherwise it will dry in the paint and stick).  If you want to make spray painted coasters, skip to step 6.

1.  Collect your 4x4 ceramic tiles.  You can purchase them at Lowe's for $0.16 each.  Make sure each one is clean and without dust.

2.  For paper & photo coasters, place a thin layer of mod podge with a foam brush onto the back of your paper and place onto the tile.  Ensure the paper is straight and press out any bubbles.

3. Apply a thin layer of mod podge to the surface of the paper. Ensure the layer of mod podge is thin or you will cause the paper to get too wet and it will cause holes.

4.  Allow any mod podge coasters to dry overnight.

5.  Next add another thin layer of mod podge across the paper tiles.  Use this step to ensure that your paper is not loose on any edges.  If an edge is not fully podged (is that a word?), apply a small amount of mod podge under any loose corners.  Allow to dry overnight.

6.  After all coasters are completely dry and paper is fully adhered to the tiles, apply a layer of clear glaze to all coasters (paper, photo, or spray paint).  Allow to dry overnight.

7. Cut out 4x4 sections of black felt (use your cardboard template). 8x10 pieces of felt are available at Wal-mart for $0.10 or less.

8.  Use a hot glue gun to apply the felt to the back of all your decorated coasters.  Allow to fully cool.

Now you have a set of personalized and beautiful coasters!  But if you're like me, something has to go terrible wrong when you attempt a Pinterest project.  I knew I wanted to use spray paint and also needed to apply the clear glaze and I was on a time crunch to complete them before Christmas.  The problem?  It was below freezing outside and snow covered the ground.

After ensuring it was safe to spray paint inside (I checked the safety on Krylon's website), I set out to make a "well-ventilated" area.  I taped clear plastic on the floor, opened the windows, and set up my box fan to draw out any fumes.

 Let's just say I felt sorry for my neighbors (I live in a townhome), because even though I thought the area was "well-ventilated", spray paint fumes are crazy stout and I smelled them all night!  Not to mention that is was stupid cold in there!

I hope you find this DIY project simple and fun!  Let me know if you make them!!  Oh, and make sure to follow me on Pinterest!

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