February 27, 2014

What's in my shopping cart? 3

Well I don't think it's any secret that I LOVE FOOD.  Typical fat girl problem.  And since I am in class or studying almost every ounce of my free time, I look for fun, easy things to eat and cook.  I always try to find the newest things to test out (damn you elusive cookie dough Oreos!) So I love sharing my finds on this "series" of What's In My Shopping Cart?  If you haven't checked out 1 and 2 make sure you do!  And of course, if you have anything you think I should pick up next time I am at the store... please share!

Go Picnic Ready-to-Eat-Meal - I get these little guys from Target for 3/$8.  If you have seen these anywhere else, please let me know because I am obsessed. I love them because they are a full meal that don't require heating or anything.  They are easy to pop in my backpack or lunchbox and they are pretty healthy too!  Most are gluten free! 

Sweet Potato chips from ALDI - my new found love is ALDI.  I try to get everything I can from that place! And this bag of potato chips is yummy and cheap!  I will all of a sudden look down and I have eaten half the bag.  I guess that's why you shouldn't eat chips straight from the bag.... oops.

Cafe Escapes K-cups - Since I got a keurig for Christmas from Bobby, I am addicted to K-cups.  But I don't like coffee that much.  I am sure you have a big question mark over your head wondering why the hell did I want a keurig for then. But you can brew so much more than just coffee!  Like these Cafe Escapes guys.  They have coffee in them but are like a cappuchino or something because they are super sweet and you can't taste the coffee (and don't even have to add a ton of sugar & creamer!)  Yum!!

Dark Chocolate Cheerios - This box is already gone.  I love cereal anyway and when you can eat chocolate for breakfast it is always a win!

Nutella - I jumped on this train and bought my first jar of Nutella.  I don't really know what to do with it yet, but so far I have loved eating it with Teddy Grahams or on a multi-grain waffle.  If it's a healthy-ish waffle and you add Nutella, it's still healthy, right?

Have you tried any of these things?  Do you have an awesome recipe for Nutella?  If so, I wanna have it!!

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