February 5, 2014

When Your BFF turns 30

Remember when I showed you what I got for my 30th birthday?  Well the best friend that gave me one of the coolest themed birthday gifts just turned 30.  So of course I had to pull out all the stops and think of something fabulous for her big day.  So I came up with this:

Turning 30 is a huge milestone.  So I wanted to give her gifts around a specific theme.  I decided to buy her gifts that were reminiscent of the 1930's.

I started with the Great Depression.  What did people do during the Great Depression beside lose all their money?  They saved money!  So I made her an "Indy fund" to encourage her to save money so she could come visit me.

I mod-podged glitter onto a mason jar and added a pretty ribbon.  I also bought a few Indiana lottery scratch offs to put into the jar.

Coco Chanel was a major fashion icon in the 1930's.  I found a picture of her to inspire me for some 30's glam.  I went to one of my favorite accessory stores - Love 21 - and grabbed some items that I felt my friend would like with a 1930's vibe.

Bette Davis was a major actress in the 1930's and everyone knows the saying "Bette Davis eyes", so I found this great makeup kit that had eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner... perfect!

How would you like to receive a gift box like this?   Have you turned the big 3-0 yet?

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