August 11, 2014


I have been wanting to get my hair done for MONTHS. Since I am on a very strict budget, #gradstudentproblems, I decided to try the Aveda Fredric's Institute. It is a full-time beauty school where you pay great prices for services, but students are doing your hair. I admit, I was a little nervous at first, but I was overall very pleased!

You might not be able to tell a big difference in these pictures, but I got all over black color, a trim, a panel of red highlights, and BANGS! I have never had bangs in my adult life. So I'm sure I will be joining the droves of women with "bad bang days".

I LOVE IT.  I've always preferred my hair black and I love the bangs and red streak.  The prices were great and overall experience at Aveda was great too.  I got to go in the blue relaxation room where you lay on down on a massage table while you get your hair washed.  I also got a facial and scalp massage!

There were a few drawbacks - like my eyebrows weren't waxed very cleanly and I ended up with quite a bit of dye on my face.  And one of the teachers actually cut my bangs so it made it less scary. Overall, I would definitely recommend as long as you're not getting something overly complicated.

Since this post is titled "Cha-cha-changes" (does anyone else have that David Bowie song stuck in their head now? You're welcome), I wanted to share some new things I've tried lately.

Menards.  I had never seen one of these stores before moving to Indiana, so I had to go see what it was all about. This place is by far one of the weirdest stores I've ever been in (The Christmas Tree Shoppes is definitely in the top 5).  I was standing in the dog supplies aisle, next to a cooler of milk, across from storm doors. It was like a Lowe's with groceries. BIZARRE.  Has anyone been to a Menards?  Did you like it?

Sushi Boss. I always get nervous about trying out new sushi places, but when I found out this restaurant offered create-your-own sushi, I was there on opening day.  Okay, day after opening day. You're able to choose seaweed or soy paper, one protein, and up to 3 additional ingredients.  I chose soy paper with spicy crab, cucumber, strawberries, and topped with spicy mayo.  Yeah, you read that right.  STRAWBERRIES.  It was delicious!  I think my next one will have strawberries with mandarin oranges and cream cheese... The prices were great and the ingredients are super fresh! If you come to Indy, hit me up so we can have a sushi blate.

Crafting projects.  Since I had 2 weeks off of school, I have started a lot of new crafting projects.  Hopefully I will finish them soon and be able to post them on le blog sooner than later.  While in the crafting section, I saw this colored mod podge.  The display showed colored mason jars along the top.  Can this trend stop now?  Remember when I tried to do it?  Well I have colored mod podge now! #winning

Infused water.  I've tried this before, but apparently was doing it all wrong.  When I found this mug in the clearance section of Wal-mart, I immediately knew it was better than smashing strawberries and drinking bits of them the rest of the day.  My first concoction included lemon, cucumber, and mint.  And it was delicious!  Something about good digestion and immune system or something.

I also think the blog needs a new design.  If you know any awesome cheap designers, let me know! What new things have you tried recently?

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