August 27, 2014

Gourmet Dinner in 6 Easy Steps

I think you guys know as well as I do that I love an EASY meal. So here's another easy one you can accomplish in just 6 steps and impress all of your friends! 

Step One: get out a cookie sheet, grease it, and turn on the oven to 350 degrees. This totally counts as one step btw. 

Step Two: put a few pieces of bread on the greased cookie sheet. I didn't take a picture of this because I figured if I can manage this, you can too with or without images. 

Step Three: put a spoonful of pizza sauce on each piece of bread. 

Step Four: add some mozzarella cheese. I would tell you how much, but seriously, you can't go wrong with too much cheese. 

Step Five: slap a few pepperonis on top. 

Step Six: bake in the oven for about 15 minutes. Or longer if you like your toast burnt. But eww. 

And then put those bad boys on some of your finest china. That doesn't count as a step, because technically you could eat right off the cookie sheet and I wouldn't judge... 

-try sprinkling some Italian seasoning on top of the cheese. Yeah, I know it requires an extra step, but when you want to get uber fancy, this will do the trick!
-add some healthy stuff, like spinach or tomatoes or pineapple. 
-substitute white  bread for wheat bread or English muffins, yum! 

Fooled you! You can't fail at this! Unless you don't mind me with the whole 15 minutes and you burn your bread and set your smoke alarms off. But this would never happen to anyone, right? 

Now hit that fancy Pin It button on the first image and save this gem for a rainy day. Oh, and this fabulous dinner was inspired by Bobby and his friends and their drunk late nights. Thanks guys for drinking too many beers and creating a great meal for broke, busy, college kids like me! 

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