August 7, 2014


So today was just a typical day.

Has anyone ever gotten a color sensitivity test done at a salon before your hair appointment?  Yeah, me either.  But the Aveda Frederic Institute requires one before getting any color done at their salon.  So I stopped by today to get this "test" and she stuck some goop on a band-aid, stuck it to my arm, and told me to keep it there for 2-3 hours.

Actually, she said, "just check it and make sure there's no itching or anything... well you know, you're an RN."

I just nodded in agreement because explaining to someone that I am in fact NOT a nurse and explaining why exactly I'm wearing scrubs is way harder than just agreeing.  But why does every woman in scrubs automatically have to be a nurse? #profiling (shout out to all the nurses reading this! I totally couldn't do your job!)

And since I was in the mall, I HAD to shop.  Bath & Body Works is having a great sale and send me coupons for free stuff.  And I like free stuff.  So I immediately headed that direction.  When I got to the store, the associate was telling me about their "buy 3, get 3 free" (like I said, great sale) and then said, "well since you are in the healthcare profession, you probably want to check out the hand sanitizer."  #profilingagain  Thanks B&BW, but I came for the free stuff.

On the way home, I got behind this truck loaded up with a lot of appliances.  I didn't think much about it until this happened:

What a genius.  Doesn't he know that Fridge Moving 101 requires taping the doors shut?  Holy heart attack.

Once I got home, I attempted to complete a blood glucose curve (testing blood sugar every 2 hours for an entire day) on my minpin Crimson.  She's diabetic (obvi) and needs a new insulin prescription so the vet asked me to just do the curve at home.  And I've been trying to get blood from this little shit diva since Friday!  I've tried her ear, inner lip, and her ankle paw pad.  When I actually get blood, she is screaming and moving so much that she smears it all over me.  Or she waits until I try to get the test strip next to the pretty little bead of blood to squirm just enough to get an error message. *curse words*  But after sticking her 3 times today, I finally got one reading!

Holy diabetes.  Maybe I will be able to get another reading in 2 hours... fingers crossed.  

How was your day?  And oh yeah, don't forget to help a lady out with my conference trip to NYC!

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