August 5, 2014

What's new in the neighborhood?

Hey guys, remember me?

Yeah I haven't written anything in oh... 5 months. Oops.

Since I've been absent from blog world, don't think I haven't done anything exciting, because I have! (Kind of) I have completed the spring semester AND 2 summer classes. Only 10 months and 25 days left until I graduate! (Not that I am counting or anything...) 

I just finished  my second summer class - forensics & autopsy. I'm assuming this is when all of you guys shudder and/or gag. But it was a killer experience. No? Inappropriate? 

Besides school stuff, I have:

-Read multiple books on my Kindle. Welcome back my friend, oh I have missed you! I signed up at the Indianapolis Public Library so I can read all the new books I've been dying to read... for free!  Support your public libraries!  I'm also taking any reading suggestions!

-Laid by the pool (hello summer!) studying, reading my Kindle, and getting sunburnt. Don't be like me and forget to put sunblock on your legs. Getting blisters can double your chances of getting melanoma. Yikes! 

-Volunteered for multiple different causes. I think when you're in a new city, volunteering is a great way to get involved, learn more about the area, and meet new people. Plus, it's free to attend the activities when you can't afford entry fees! Below are pictures from the IUPUI campus walk Out of the Darkness for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Outrun the Sun 5K for melanoma awareness.

-Eaten lots of sweets. I'm definitely a stress eater. So much for getting in a bikini this summer... (ha! like that was even an option...)

-Recruited 2 new doctors in Indianapolis to help diagnose my whatever. I've started some new medications with great  hopes that I will feel better soon. The constant pain and fatigue of my fibromyalgia-type symptoms makes it feel impossible to get anything done. All the bloodwork and tests also make me feel like a lab rat and so far we are nowhere closer to a diagnosis. 

Can you tell they have issues drawing my blood?  They always go for my hand... ouch!

-Finished my research paper that I am presenting at the 40th Annual American Association for Pathologists' Assistants (AAPA) in September!  It will be my first time visiting NYC! 

I will still visit my blog (I think it's about time for a new design, don't you?) and write when I can, so don't give up on me! I also post frequently on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. And even Duke got his own Instagram!! I have a feeling he will be famous before me... 

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