September 21, 2014

Easy Mornin' Yogurt Parfait

If you're anything like me, you hit the snooze a few (thousand) times every morning. Which leaves no time to sit at my dining room table reading the paper, enjoying my coffee, and eating my breakfast. Pretty much everyday I am grabbing my breakfast on the way out the door and eating it in the car. 

I wanted something new and easy to enjoy for breakfast, so I concocted these yogurt parfaits with just 3 simple ingredients. And it gave me a use for those small souvenir cups! I make them at night and have breakfast in the morn!

I have a lot of these small souvenir cups so I like using them, but I would also recommend just using the classic red solo cup. #easycleanup

I put 2 spoonfuls of yogurt at the bottom of the cup and add frozen berries on top. You can choose any fruit you want and can even use fresh fruit.  I chose a vanilla yogurt because I don't like that plain or Greek stuff and frozen blueberries & strawberries that I have in the freezer all the time. 

I added 3 more spoonfuls of yogurt on top of the berries and then covered the cup with foil to keep in the fridge overnight. 

In the morning, I will grab my pre-made cup, add granola to the top of it, grab a spoon, stir, and eat it in the car. The granola I used was actually in the cereal aisle at ALDI and I love it! 

Warning: if you have super sensitive teeth, the frozen berries are not completely thawed overnight. You can prevent this by just using fresh fruit, or do like I do and suck it up and allow biting into half-frozen fruit to give you a real wake up call. 

Any flavor yogurt (5 spoonfuls) 
Fresh or frozen fruit 
1/2 cup granola 

1. In a small cup, add 2 spoonfuls of yogurt. 

2. Add fresh or frozen fruit on top of yogurt. 

3. Add 3 spoonfuls of yogurt on top of fruit. 

4. Cover with aluminum foil and keep in fridge overnight or for 1 day. 

5. Before eating, add granola to top. 

6. Stir and enjoy! 

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