September 18, 2014


As most of you have seen around blog land, Influenster and Keurig teamed up and sent out 1k of the new Keurig 2.0's for people to test. And I was one of the lucky ones! 

I already had a single cup Keurig, so I have been enjoying the many flavors and ease of Keurig for a few months now, so I was super excited to try out this new model! 

The 2.0's biggest improvement is that it will brew a single cup AND a carafe. And if you were like me and didn't know what the heck a carafe was - it's a coffee pot. So it also uses a different KCup size to brew a pot (4 cups) 

Some of the other features are a bigger water tank, TEN different brew sizes, a color touch display, and fun colored lights! 

The 2.0 comes with 4 k-carafes and 6 new designed k-cups. But note, the 2.0 will only work with the rebranded k-cups that have a white rim in the label. Influenster also included an ENTIRE BOX of k-carafes - which means I totally need to have some friends over for coffee now! 

I'm enjoying the customizable features of the 2.0 with a colored screen and colored light inside the water tank as well as programmable on & off. 

Check back soon for a comparison to the single cup brewer! 

I received this item gratis from Influnster, but the opinions are my own. 

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