September 21, 2014

Keurig original K45 vs. 2.0

I've had the single brew Keurig original K45 for about 8 months. I love how convenient it is and all the things you can make with it (coffee, iced coffee, hot cocoa, cider, tea, iced lemonade, etc). When Influenster asked me to be part of the #HelloKeurig campaign and sent me the new Keurig 2.0, I was beyond excited. 

Today I want to share the pros & cons of the 2.0 when compared to the original K45. 

- bigger water tank 

- 10 brew sizes (vs. 3 with the K45) 
- can brew a carafe (4 cups)
- colored touchscreen & water lighting 
- stainless steel plate stays warm 

- larger unit means more counter space needed
- stainless steel fingerprints 

- the k-carafe doesn't even fit on the tray 

- the oops message 

The oops message is shown when you are not using one of the updated k-cups or ANY off-brand cup. The 2.0 uses a new technology that reads the new labels of your k-cup or k-carafe to brew the perfect cup. This means you can't brew your own coffee or use the older k-cups that do not have the new labels. I personally have a stock of about 80 Keurig brand k-cups that will not work in the 2.0. 

I think the fact the Keurig is trying to ensure you only use their products is kinda rude. And the fact that when you buy the new system, you have to make sure you buy the new compatible k-cups too is just a rip-off. How long until stores actually have replaced all the older k-cups so you don't get stuck with a box of the older ones? I know I tried to buy a box of Keurig brand k-cups from the Cake Boss Cafe in NYC (I mean, have you seen their flavors?!) and they didn't have the updated k-cups yet. #fail 

So in my personal opinion, unless you just NEED the ability to brew a pot, I would save your money and get the original brewer. It can use ANY k-cup, including generics, and still has 3 brew sizes. 

I received this product gratis from I flue after, but these opinions are my own. 

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