April 11, 2016

Under Construction

It's been a minute (about a year and six months worth) since I've blogged and I've missed it so much! Just about everyday I have the thought, "that would make a great blog post!" So don't worry, I've got plenty of ideas coming!

So if you visited these parts before, you will notice the blog got a bit of a facelift. Kelsey at Kreated by Kelsey installed my new blog template and I've got some new pages created. During this time off, my life has changed, so I thought my blog needed to change too. I will still be blogging about my crazy life, but now it will include dating & life in Indianapolis.

A lot has happened in the past year and half. I finished grad school! (Yay me!) After spending 2 years in grad school in Indianapolis, I fell in love with the city. So much so, I was lucky enough to find a job here. The perfect job! So now I am permanently stationed here in Naptown.

But unfortunately, some not so great things happened over this past year. My 4 year long distance relationship with B ended dramatically and unexpectedly. We were planning our lives together... Marriage, kids. And now all of that is gone. It's been very hard to swallow that fact and there are a lot of days I'm still mad at him about everything and a lot of days I just want to cry because he isn't there anymore.

I also lost a friend I have known over 10 years to Berger's disease. Berger's is a disease where clots form in the medium sized arteries in your body. Risk factors include being a woman, being on birth control pills, being overweight and inactive, and being a smoker. Missy B had just turned 34 when she lost her battle. It was unexpected for me since I haven't been in touch with her as much over the years. And I think losing touch with her made her death even harder for me. But my heart broke for her husband which I also have known over 10 years (we all met working at a grocery store years and years ago). I stood next to her when she said her vows to him after 7 years of dating. She loved him so much and I just couldn't picture either without the other.

While I love being in Indianapolis, I have also realized how alone I am. Without my family. Without my childhood, high school, and college friends. Without a significant other. I've started dating again (which is more entertaining than productive), and have made great friends at work. But I've realized just how independent I am and can be. Realized how much I've accomplished on my own. And realize more than ever what it is I'm looking for in life.

So for now, just like me, this blog is under construction. I want blogging to be a part of my life because I love writing and sharing my knowledge, advice, and ridiculous stories. So check back often. Or just subscribe by email! Because I've got more coming!

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